Thomas Freese is both an author and freelance writer. He has published six books and is working on additional book projects. His books are available either online at Amazon or the particular publisher’s websites or directly signed and sent from him.

His published books include:


“My books work for nearly all ages — I tell folks ‘from seven to seventy’. I enjoy creating surprise endings in my fiction and my true tales carry a simple power from being genuine.”


Here’s what some readers say about my books:

I read the title story Fog Swirler last night before bed and loved it.
~ Tammy Rich, Adair Co. Middle School Librarian

I started reading your book in between customers, and I’ve looked at some of the pictures. I love what I’m reading so far. You’re a very good writer. I love your style. It’s very interesting.
~ Doris, writer in Louisville

I have been listening to your Audio CDs during my drive time. Way better than war reports! Sounds like they are aimed at elementary school aged children. We will take six sets of the CD and 15 copies of the book. Please let me know when they are ready so we can issue a PO. Thanks
~ Martha Geier, Acquisitions, Louisville Free Public Libraries

More about your youngest fan: This week my son Lucas is the star student of the first grade, which means that they feature him on the bulletin board with pictures and little tidbits about his favorite things. One of the questions was his favorite book. He rushed all around the house (this was a last minute thing, quite naturally) looking for your book so he could take it to school. He loves Shaker Ghost Stories and when we went there he remembered the stories which went with each building.
~ Carolyn Flynn, Editor and Author, Albuquerque, New Mexico