Story Telling

Thomas tells interesting and engaging stories.

Thomas tells interesting and engaging stories.

Thomas Freese is an animated storyteller who uses a wide range of voices, plays guitar and sings original songs. He tells stories from folklore, history and his own experiences. His storytelling is enriched by his talent as an author of a half dozen books. Thomas performs at over 60 venues each year and is a member of the Kentucky Storytelling Association and Editor of the KSA Newsletter. Click here for a list of story programs offered by Thomas.

Here’s some testimonials from those who loved the story programs.

“Thank you for coming to tell stories. I heard tons of good feedback from both the teachers and the students. I personally enjoyed it as well. Thanks again!”
~ Casey Mattingly, Language Arts Teacher, Meade County Middle School

“THANK YOU!!!! Your activity with the kids yesterday was wonderful and so popular with all. Everyone had such fun with the origami and cards. I look forward to your next storytelling program and future times when you will be our guest.”
~ Dawn Privett, Children’s Librarian, Paris/Bourbon County Library

“I’m really going to miss the stories you tell the children. You have such a great rapport with children and you’re such an enthusiastic story teller.”
~ Cheryl House, St. Agnes Kindergarten teacher

“Thomas Freese is a versatile storyteller who delights audiences of all ages with his original stories and music. He is the only storyteller who can tell stories that are scarier than mine! Thomas Freese is a professional, talented storyteller who is the best in the business!”
~ Roberta Simpson Brown, Professional Storyteller & Author

“Thanks for such wonderful performances. All the students seemed to enjoy your performance. I also want to thank you for staying a little while longer and watch some of our “Survivor Readers”. The students really enjoyed you watching them perform.
The students were very impressed with your fluency in Spanish. Many students were heard throughout the halls speaking Spanish to one another after your performance. Thanks again!”
~ Linda Ryan Wheeler E.S., Louisville, KY, Media/librarian

“It was our pleasure to have you tell stories for our students. The kids LOVED it. We’d like to have you back with us sometime. Thanks for your high energy and positive spirit.”
~ Susan French, Principal, Field Elementary School, Louisville

The stories Thomas Freese tells include moral lessons, life skills, problem solving, humor and music. He creates new educational and entertaining programs each year. He does both research and interviews to collect his stories and many tales are published in his books.