Talented Story-teller, Thomas Freese combines years of experience as a storyteller, artist, and author to deliver exciting storytelling programs for audiences of all ages. Whether teenage, toddler or retiree, Thomas can provide programs for a wide variety of age groups: all one age groups; families; groups of mixed ages. He is available for travel to perform for your tour, school or other groups. Contact Thomas Freese at (502) 439-7720, thomasfreese@bellsouth.net.
Website: www.ThomasLFreese.com.

Available Programs

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Ghostly Tales

Talented teller Thomas Freese tells exciting stories of ghosts, monsters, witches, runaway pumpkins, and animated statues to grip your attention during Halloween or anytime folks want to hear about the strange and fantastic. He’ll enlist your help to sing, run and slap your way through these fun and slightly scary tales. Thomas is an author of several books of ghost stories such as Shaker Ghost Stories from Pleasant Hill, and Fog Swirler and 11 Other Ghost Stories. Choose one of three ghost story programs, or request a custom combination of: 1) cute, fun and entertaining, 2) true ghost stories, 3) fiction and very scary. Or let Thomas know the ages of your gathering and allow him to select appropriately for the group.


Civil War Ghosts of Kentucky

There are spirits from both North and South who still run across battlefields, call out in pain, and reenact the struggle of the Civil War. From the Battle of Richmond to Perryville, and from all across the Bluegrass, people still see and hear the soldiers of the Civil War. Thomas Freese brings tales of both sorrow and joy from Kentucky’s historical conflict. Many survived, some escaped and others perished either from battle wounds, disease or deprivations of prison life. Hear how families dealt with the absence of fathers and brothers and sons.  Hear tales from modern day re-enactors who are shocked to see ghosts at their campfires.  This program combines history and haunting, and is appropriate for school age children and older.   


Porquois Tales

Porquois tales explain how or why something came to be the way it is…why the sky is blue, the ocean salty, how the bluebird got its blue feathers, how the sun and moon got up to the sky. Join storyteller Thomas Freese in singing his original song “Porquois” and listen to the humorous and enchanting stories that highlight animal and insect characters.

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Silly Tales and Songs

Haven’t we had quite enough seriousness? Yes, it’s time to have fun! The green light is on for silliness, and your Master entertainer is Thomas Freese. Come sing along with Thomas as he plays guitar and harmonica, spreading cheer with original tunes like “Whatcha Gonna Do With a Silly Kitty”and “Lost Shoe Blues”. Thomas includes a fair share of joke stories too.


Origami Tales

Watch talented storyteller Thomas Freese work his fingers deftly into three dimensional figures as he tells stories of frogs, cranes, and other fascinating things. Thomas will show smaller groups how they can fold the origami projects after the stories end.


World Folk Tales

Every land, every people, have their stories of adventure, mishaps, and success. Gather around Thomas Freese as he takes you on a journey around the world of folk tales from Africa, America, Mexico, Europe and Asia. There truly is no difference among our world citizens as you listen and become the characters of these tales.

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Winter Tales

This collection of stories visually describes the perils and pleasures of the winter season. Thomas tells about real adventures as a youth, sledding and skating, and adds a number of folktales about why we have winter, and how people saved spring from Old Man Winter. Thomas includes a few songs and poems about this chilly, yet beautiful time of year.


Urban Legends

Thomas Freese tells all the awful tales that you love to hear; urban legends, though oft-repeated, are simply not true and yet they’re ever so entertaining! Hear about the Spiders in the Cactus, Bloody Mary, Vanishing Hitchhiker, Dog Jumps Out the Window, The Arrest, Loaded Dog, Messages Under Postage Stamps, and many other legends.


Fairy Tales, or Irish Tales

Listen to the perils and pleasures of people’s encounters with Little People. This program finds the listener hearing stories about all kinds of magical creatures such as leprechauns, Long Beard of the Woods, witches, nature spirits, and more. Thomas provides delightful entertainment as your tour guide to the kingdom of the fairy folk. Many of the fairy tales are from the British Isles.

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Star Stories

Ancient folk told tales of people, animals, or gods who were immortalized in star groupings in the sky. Thomas, in either outdoor venue, night sky, or with computer screen, tells stories of these famous figures. The star stories are gathered from mythology and folklore from worldwide sources—Native American, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Polynesian, Japanese and more.


Jack Tales

This is Thomas’s only program where he appears in costume. Of course, Jack’s outfit is basic country attire, with straw hat, and a red bandanna poking out of his overalls. Ah, shucks, there ain’t much to say about the adventures of our favorite young man, ‘cept he sure seems to have a mix of good n’ bad luck. But I reckon it all works out for the best.


Life in the Desert

Thomas lived over a decade in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and absorbed many experiences to fund first-hand stories of encounters with rattlesnakes, horned toads, and dust devils. Thomas brings objects from his Native American friends and craftsmen and women, such as Kachina dolls, Navajo and Chimayo weavings, Pueblo pottery and more. He brings red sand, cholla cactus skeleton, and stones from the West. Everyone of all ages will love these stories.

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Moral Lessons

Many stories highlight the choices and consequences we face in life. This collection of tales is chosen to emphasize the basic themes of honesty, friendship, trust, loyalty, avoiding violence, being content with our fair share, and accepting our luck.


Story Treasure Chest

Thomas Freese brings a box full of intriguing objects. Children pick an object which provides Thomas a springboard into telling tales. The chest includes such things as a doll, precious red stone, small bottle, magic wand, butterfly, cat, and an many more.


Preschool Tales

Thomas Freese brings humor, acting and song to entertain young children in his preschool story program. These stories are designed to hold the attention of young audiences with act along tales, singing, movement with story, and funny voices and sounds.


Pioneer Tales

Thomas Freese tells stories of historical characters and fanciful folks who lived and struggled during the early years of our country. These stories include tales of simple farmers, brave pioneer women, Jack tales, and stories of Indian lore. Thomas Freese gives suspenseful accounts of escapes from Indian war parties, tales of the men and songs of the frontier.

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Garden Stories

Mr. Freese has had a garden since the latter 1970s and well knows the challenges and rewards of weeding, digging and dealing with weather and insects to bring the tomato inside to the kitchen. He tells personal tales from gardening as well as many humorous folk tales from various cultures.


Hispanic Tales

Thomas Freese studied Spanish in Monterre,y Mexico and lived for 16 years in Hispanic Cities. During the summer of 2010 Thomas did a teaching tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina and brings back many tales of that country with which to expand the Hispanic Tales program. Thomas brings tales from the Hispanic world to any level of Spanish comprehending audience. His tales include folktales and songs in Spanish. For those with little or no knowledge of Spanish, his performance functions as an entertaining introduction to that lovely Latin language.


Shaker Stories

Thomas Freese was a volunteer Shaker singer at Pleasant Hill for ten years. He learned many Shaker songs and also dances which he performs and teaches in his program. If you wish, he can bring Shaker reproduction boxes and also wear his Shaker outfit.


Flying Saucers!! And Other UFO Tales

From local and true tales to amazing stories from around the world, Thomas Freese provides both scary and fascinating reports of UFO encounters both bizarre and fascinating. These stories will also appear in his book Strange Things in Our Backyards and Homes.

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Story Games

Kids love to play and why not let them tell the stories for a change? Thomas Freese has taught storytelling camps at Bellarmine University and around Kentucky through his work as a teaching Roster Artist in Kentucky Arts Council Grants. Mr. Freese offers fun and hands-on activities where kids of all ages can become a storyteller and weave their own tales.


Story Games and Craft Programs

Otherwise known as Arts and Crafts Workshops

  • Calligraphy
  • Celtic Art
  • Collage
  • Creative maps
  • Drawing skeleton people
  • Folk art jewelry
  • Halloween Origami
  • Holiday ornaments
  • Nesting boxes of paper
  • Origami
  • Painted rocks
  • Painted wood beads
  • Pop-up cards
  • Retablos
  • Rubber stamp carving
  • Spoon making
  • Story blocks
  • T-shirt stamping
  • Viking Art
  • Wood burning

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